About Dr. Stress

Dr John C McEwan is a full member of the New Zealand Association of Counselors.

He specializes in the fields of STRESS, GRIEF, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, TRAUMA and BURN-OUT.”  

To make an appointment with Dr McEwan please either email usor phone Auckland call 09 – 5226723 and speak directly with his “amazing secretary” Elizabeth, so that you can be given the earliest or most convenient appointment for yourself immediately.  If you email us, please identify a date and time that would suit you best and we will endeavour to meet that time frame, or suggest another.   In emails always provide a contact phone number for immediate contact in case Dr McEwan is called away suddenly.

Privacy is our concern – and letters to your GP or other specialists will only be sent with your approval and knowledge. Copies of these will be made available to you, either by post or at the next session. Because Dr McEwan works as a counselor and consultant to professional legal, medical associations, governmental organizations, and the entertainment industry, he works in a private clinic setting so that there is privacy for each person arriving and leaving. Given the sensitive nature of the details in his notes, in accordance with the Privacy Act, he does not retain them for longer than six months after his last consultation with an individual. They are shredded by Confidential Document Destruction Services.