The Laura Mitchell Method of Relaxation

Do each exercise twice very slowly, counting for four seconds as tension is exerted in the muscles. Can be done, sitting in a chair, standing, or lying in bed.

  1. Pull your shoulders down towards your feet. Hold tension for four seconds and then release.
  2. Move your elbows away from your side, let them fall and relax.
  3. Stretch your fingers wide apart.
  4. Tighten buttock muscles so that the knees go outwards.
  5. Ensure the legs are not straight. Open (60 degree) angle behind knee
  6. Point the toes, then release. Wiggle toes to and fro to ensure no cramping occurs.
  7. Push yourself into the support. Release.
  8. Push your head into the headrest(or cupped hands).
  9. Breath using the diaphragm. Push tummy out as you breathe in. Four seconds in and hold for four seconds then breathe out for four seconds. Do four times.
  10. Drag the jaw downwards; silent scream.
  11. Press the tongue down in the mouth, or poke out and silent scream.
  12. Close the eyes lightly and look through the eye lids at the red/black colour and count to four slowly. Repeat.
  13. Keep eyes closed. Run fingers hard over scalp from front to back. With this sensation, imagine a smoothing waves going from front to back of the head.
  14. With eyes still closed imagine a calm place and put yourself in a deck chair in the scene. Meditate on that scene.

SHORT VERSION; the Lion in yoga, or the physiological aspect of the Haka in the South Pacific.

Remember that you should never drive away in a car after work without doing this sort of exercise first to ensure that neck/jaw tension is not creating tunnel vision for you.